You will receive this A4 watercolour print on high quality 350gsm uncoated high-quality paper. It is impossible to tell the difference between the original and the print!

Here we see the Gooden's Nomad Bee - Nomada goodeniana, this tiny cuckoo bee was hanging on to a Nigella damascena with its mouth parts. Pauline grows very few annuals in her organic garden but Love in The Mist is one of them.

These pollinating adults are free-living and feed on nectar. They lay their eggs in the ground in the already excavated tunnels and their larvae consume the pollen of the host bee! So, this sneaky little beauty lays eggs in another bee’s nest, hence the name cuckoo bee.

Here you can see the how wonderful this art work looks in a frame and also the art work process from start to finish.

Pauline will personalise your print on the front or rear, and if you would like the Latin names added to the front this is no problem, all at no extra cost.

Nomada goodeniana

  • Your art work will be posted first class in a protective envelope.