You will receive this A4 watercolour print on high quality 350gsm uncoated high quality paper. It is impossible to tell the difference between the original and the print!

Here we see the stunningly symetrical male Scaeva pyrastri or the pied hoverfly. These enjoy the nectar and pollen in Paulines organic garden. This hoverfly lays its eggs on ray florets (flowers), the larvae which is lime green with a white stripe, then moves around plants eating aphids along the way.

Pauline photographs them and then later sits and enjoys painting from those pictures. Creating wonderful works of art which showcase horticulture and entomology.

Here you can see the how wonderful this art work looks in a white frame and also the art work process as she works.


The Pied Hoverfly Scaeva pyrastri

  • Your art work will be posted first class in a protective envelope.