Geranium nodosum Silverwood, is a white nodosum.  This Geranium is perfect for dry shade and flowers continually throughout the summer. It has a white flower that is beautiful. One of my top ten Geranium species for a garden. It grows to approximately 40cm maximum, wonderful under large trees or below Acers. It lights up a dull corner.

Organically grown by Pauline and correctly identified.

Please look at all of Paulines photographs of this perennial.

It copes well with part shade and when established tolerates full sun!

You will receive your quality established organic plant in a 9cm recyclable grey pot similar to that shjown in the photo, your plant was propagated last year and it has never been in a protected environment but has been kept outside.

Geranium nodosum Silverwood

  • As soon as you receive and unwrap your plant place outside in shade and water. Then plant out as soon as you are able and certainlty within 24hours. Do not add compost or nutrients to the soil, just dig a planting hole and tease the soil at the bottom of the hole with your trowel so the area is lose. Then plant to the same depth as it is in the pot. Be careful not to plant too deep if you do, then lift it out and replant, this is a common mistake. Never cover the crown of the plant. Do not forget that we are sufferening extremes of weather with climate change, so dont forget to return to your new plant over the next 6 months and make sure it hasn't dried out. It will romp away.

  • This plant was discovered in Joans garden in Hampshire and she kindly allowed me to have a plant some years ago. One pound of each sale goes to MND, Joan lost her husband through this dreadful disease.