You will be taught by me in our organic wildlife garden in Warsash, surrounded by bees and flowers, with 4 other lovely like minded gardeners. You'll have a worksheet and be hands-on.​ 


You will learn about the soil, its structure and content and how to grow organically in tune with nature. You'll also witness a no dig garden and how this is an effective method of benefiting your plants whilst at the same time also being enormously beneficial to wildlife.

This is aimed at gardeners of all experience levels, even if you are a beginner gardener.


There are 5 spaces, making 6 people including me your teacher. I have several additional tables so we will remain socially distanced and we are in the open air. It's 2 hour workshop  You will walk away full of knowledge and inspiration and a better understanding of your garden and the soil within it.

Please bring to the workshop a trowel full of soil from you garden, randomly chosen, in a lidded tuperware container.


Please arrive 10 minutes early, there is parking outside the house (no need to park on the pavement), perhaps bring warm waterproof clothes (just in case) and flat shoes - we're on a gentle slope. 

You will be welcome to take photographs and you will have access to a covetted plant list.

Please bring your own drink if you think you may need one.


As soon as we have 5 students then a suitable date will be allocated.

Organic and No Dig Gardening Workshop